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Dear Friends and Family,

As most of you already know, HBO will follow its “Band of Brothers” series with “The Pacific”, airing next March. It will focus on three war heroes from “The Greatest Generation” (as Tom Brokaw called them). One of which is my uncle, John Basilone. It is my dream to make a film about my uncle. It will not only talk about him, but about the effect he has had on me, the family, and community. Even those who did not know him are still to this day inspired by his courage. John Basilone still has a memorial parade every year in his hometown of Raritan, New Jersey. His extraordinary example continues to inspire new generations.

I have put together a talented and dedicated crew, who are as determined as I am to tell this important story, and who are willing to work for cost and to see his legacy endure. But I need your help, too.

We will be in Raritan to film the parade and interviews. We also plan to travel to Washington D.C. and to spend time with the U.S. Marine Corps. The production cost will mostly consist of travel, equipment, and operating expenses. Plans are to have the film broadcasted on TV. Possibilities include: HBO, Showtime, History Channel, etc. It will also be made available on DVD. After production cost are met, 80% of the profits will go to the John Basilone Legacy Foundation. This foundation is being created to secure the existence of the annual parade in Raritan and to donate to other charities working in the name of my uncle, thus keeping his legacy alive.

We are looking for individual contributions, corporate sponsorships, whatever you can do to help make this dream come true. Your donation (whether $5 or $5,000) will be gratefully appreciated and credited in the film. Come be a part of this exciting project! Send this appeal to anyone and everyone you can think of who might want to be a part of it too!

Contributions are also accepted by check
Make check payable to The John Basilone Foundation
Send to:
Sgt. John Basilone Foundation, Inc.

P.O. Box 6778
Hilton Head, SC 29938

If you have any questions please call

Diane Hawkins (908) 328-2944