John Basilone Digital Archives
John Basilone is the only:
- Enlisted Marine to Be Awarded The Congressional Medal of Honor and the Navy Cross
- Return to action after winning the Medal of Honor and be killed in action
- Have an annual parade in his honor
These materials have been digitized courtesy
of Marine Corps League #1284 "Road Detachment"
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Citation for
Congressional Medal of Honor
at Guadalcanal
Citation for
Navy Cross
at Iwo Jima
John & Lena Basilone's
Official Wedding Album
Rarely seen !
John Basilone
His Own Account of the Battle
Short Biography
Profile of Basilone
with Interviews of
Raritan Residents
Magazine Articles
Life Magazine Oct 1943
The Battle For Henderson Field
by Jon Hoffman
Death of Manila John
by Chuck Tatum
Marine Who Wanted to go Back
by James Cox
1948 Radio Broadcast
by Robert McCormick
Basilone's Commander on Guadalcanal
Chesty Puller Bio
by Edward Crews
Johns Manville Newsletter
Nov 1943
Photo Collection
Medal of Honor Ceremony
The 1943
Welcome Home Parade
John Basilone Himself
Bond Tour
Wedding / Wife Lena Riggi
Basilone with other Soldiers
John Basilone's Family
School Photo
1943 Newspaper Articles
Medal of Honor part 1
Medal of Honor part 2
Information on his Death
Articles on his Death
Program for 1945
Memorial Mass at St. Ann's
Programs From Commemoration of his death
50th Anniversary
60th Anniversary
The Ship - The USS Basilone
Dedication Ceremony
Program From Dedication ceremony
History, Description & Articles
The 1943 Comic Book
Basilone Statue
The Statue Maker - Philip Orlando
The Gaburo Scrapbook on John Basilone
Troop Roster from Iwo Jima
Ed Sullivan's Columns on John Basilone
Poem by Mark Barber
Entire Newspapers
Raritan Valley News Sept 16th 1943
Raritan Valley News Sept 23rd 1943
Raritan Valley News Jul 27th 1944
Raritan Valley News Aug 16th 1945
Photos From The Basilone Parade
2006 (Parade)
2006 (ceremony)
2005 (Parade)
2005 (ceremony)