Joseph S. Frelinghuysen Jr.
Joseph S. Frelinghuysen Jr. 1912- 2005 was the son of U.S. Senator Joseph S. Frelinghuysen Sr.who served 1917-23
He lived in Raritan until 1927 when they moved to Far Hills. Their home was located by the Somerville Circle. Where The PC Richard is today.
Here is a 1924 family photo from taken on the side of their home in Raritan.
Joe Jr is seated. His dad, Joseph S. Frelinghuysen Sr., is standing. Also seated is his Mom Emily.
Along his side are Sisters Emily and Victoria.
While Raritan was the families main home until 1927, Joseph Jr. often was away at boarding schools.
He did not attend any of the local schools.
The closest school he attended was when he went to College at Princeton. He graduated in 1934.
He appears in this famous photo of the signing of The Treaty to end World War I on July 2th, 1921.
During World War II Joseph Jr. was captured by the Germans in the battle of North Africa.
He was held at a German controlled POW camp in Italy. He escaped from the POW camp (shown above) in September of 1943.
After 7 weeks of traveling through the mountains of Italy he returned to join the U.S. army